“I’m out there, Jerry, and I’m LLLOVIN’ every minute of it!!”

(the ultimate update on Seinfeld-ism the book now on Amazon in paperback as well as ebook!) Only a thin layer of gabardine--I mean, Amazon--stands between you and this decade-in-the-making little tome*, one of the best survival guides you might ever lay hands on in this life. Sure, there's that riveting one about surviving a shark… Continue reading “I’m out there, Jerry, and I’m LLLOVIN’ every minute of it!!”

“Good luck with alll that.”

(the final Seinfeld-in-culture note before Seinfeld-ism the book is published!) In "The Serenity Now," what is doubtless one of the top ten--maybe five--most famous episodes in the Greatest (TV Sitcom) Show on Earth, George seizes a rare moment to dump all of his "darkest fears" and "everything [he's] capable of" on his good friend Jerry...whose… Continue reading “Good luck with alll that.”

“I don’t see architecture coming from you.”

(a Seinfeld-in-culture note before getting on with some more original Seinfeld-isms very soon) I don’t see Seinfeld coming out of our lives. And not because Netflix just shelled out $425 million to be the one to continue airing the smash show 20 years past its prime-time end. I say that because of the media-saturated 30th… Continue reading “I don’t see architecture coming from you.”