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“I’m out there, Jerry, and I’m LLLOVIN’ every minute of it!!”
July 24, 2020

(the ultimate update on Seinfeld-ism the book now on Amazon in paperback as well as ebook!)

Seinfeld-ism the cover_07_12_2020 (with border)

Only a thin layer of gabardine–I mean, Amazon–stands between you and this decade-in-the-making little tome*, one of the best survival guides you might ever lay hands on in this life. Sure, there’s that riveting one about surviving a shark attack, home invasion, zombie apocalypse, blah blah blah, among noble others.

But who’s dropped one about surviving family, society, friendships, and all the other little annoying chores that come with navigating daily Life–by applying the very best of words from the best.sitcom.ever?

We have. Right here. And it’s guaranteed to not bunch up anyone’s underwear while considering the future of one’s legacy in the reading of it.

FYI: Should you wish to get right down to the past Seinfeld-isms posted here, this will get you there. Enjoy! And should you, truly, then don’t forget to get your hands on the material you’re missing–found only in the book. They include, among others…

“This has got international incident written all over it.”

“My rods and cones are all screwed up, Jerry!”

“Bravo, Vincent, bra-vo.”

*Note: Henningan’s no-smell, no-tell Scotch, however, is not on Amazon, nor will it come with the book as a derivative deluxe-edition gift pack sold separately. Although, we did consider it for a moment.

“Good luck with alll that.”
July 5, 2020

(the final Seinfeld-in-culture note before Seinfeld-ism the book is published!)

In “The Serenity Now,” what is doubtless one of the top ten–maybe five–most famousshutterstock_744264982_NYC subway episodes in the Greatest (TV Sitcom) Show on Earth, George seizes a rare moment to dump all of his “darkest fears” and “everything [he’s] capable of” on his good friend Jerry…whose humorously horrified face in response precedes the above wonderfully accessible line.

Wonderfully accessible perfectly describes the Seinfeld lines soon to debut in my book, Seinfeld-ism: How the Wisdom, Philosophy, Yada Yada Yada of TV’s Greatest Sitcom Can Help You Survive Life. All new, previously unpublished material accompanying an armful of the best of the posts here. Arranged in a topical guide to life–family, relationships, work, and more–with additional observations and exhortations.

Pre-orders will be available beginning this week, so listen out here for updates, as we head toward a pub date the week of July 15.

Moses smell the roses!

With the publishing of the book, the blogging here will end–all posts here preserved “in perpetuity” (I know, how long have I been waiting to squeeze that into a conversation). But the book is what I’d hoped for all along, the blog just a launchpad to get that on.

The blog I launched 10 years ago to this day.

Thanks for coming along for the ride, you fans from (literally, I see from WordPress’s awesome stats) around the world, from Greenland to Iceland to New Zealand, and a whole heck of a lot of countries in between. A global interest in the Show About Nothing? That’s something to talk about.

Let’s talk soon.

“I don’t see architecture coming from you.”
September 22, 2019


(a Seinfeld-in-culture note before getting on with some more original Seinfeld-isms very soon)

I don’t see Seinfeld coming out of our lives. And not because Netflix just shelled out $425 million to be the one to continue airing the smash show 20 years past its prime-time end.

I say that because of the media-saturated 30th anniversary of TV’s greatest sitcom back in July.

Take that, Lofty Literary Agent in New York City.

Wait. Sorry. Here’s the back story to that…and a teaser from my forthcoming book, Seinfeld-ism: How the Wisdom, Philosophy, Yadda Yadda Yadda of TV’s Greatest Sitcom Can Help You Live Survive Life:

“I don’t think anyone outside of New York City cares that much about Seinfeld anymore,” a NYC literary agent emailed me a decade ago, rejecting my proposal of a book based on this blog (which the New York Times cited in 2015, tipping the hat to Seinfeld).

The 30th anniversary obviously proved her wrong, I’m delighted to say.

And it proved that Seinfeld has become, in our time and society, a sort of holy writ.

Not in the biblical sense, of course. But “utterances of unquestionable authority” nonetheless. Moreover, the show is, as one pop culture maven put it, an “iconic, culture-defining show.”

Consider its comic canon of 9 seasons comprising 172 episodes. Sure, some of the situations and references (and clothing and…) are antiquated. Some details are baffling, including unresolved plot points. Further, you can quote the simplest of the most famous lines…No soup for you!…and people who don’t know the show will grin and nod politely and eyeball you like you’re some crazy believer in a cult they want nothing to do with.

And yet.

Countless are the people who quote the show daily because it speaks with verity—ensuing hilarity—over every facet of life, be it physical or mental, emotional or spiritual.

It’s silly writ, really.

And here, three decades later, people are still discovering the collective of voices from Jerry to J. Peterman, permeating our reality today as though the show were unfolding for the first time. That timeless relevance means Seinfeld stands to sway minds and win hearts and save souls in generations to come.

Hence the opening line here: I don’t see Seinfeld coming out of our lives.

That, of course, was not the sense in which Jerry used the words at the top here, to George.* Throughout the show, Jerry’s career-challenged friend pined to wield a planer as a professional planner of buildings that awe the world. The first we hear of it comes in the first season—and that was Jerry’s reaction.

I don’t see architecture coming from you.

By now, faithful readers, you may have thought of me, I don’t see a book coming from you. (That goes back to my June 2015 post on aiming to publish Seinfeld-ism the Book.) Most assuredly, I can say…the book is coming. Soon.

It may be a Christmas gift, but it’s coming.

All new material woven through a selection of the best of the material here—the most popular posts, that is, like the one that a law professor at Georgetown University passes on to students who don’t understand a certain Elaine line he drops now and then.

Nine years to the day on July 5 this year I launched this blog for the same reason millions reflected with a smile on Seinfeld turning 30 that day. This semi-swan-song post was originally slated for that day…but watching the aforementioned celebratory hullabaloo unfold online that week delighted me to no end—and changed some of what I wrote here about this end.

The end of the blog, that is, which will coincide with the publishing of the book.

Stay tuned. The publish date is certain to be tied into another Seiniversary date.

I’m speaking, of course, only to those who live in New York City.


*From “The Stake Out,” Episode 3, Season 1
Seinfeld Volume 1, Disc 1 | Time code for the scene: 12:38


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