“I’m out there, Jerry, and I’m LLLOVIN’ every minute of it!!”

(the ultimate update on Seinfeld-ism the book now on Amazon in paperback as well as ebook!)

Seinfeld-ism the cover_07_12_2020 (with border)

Only a thin layer of gabardine–I mean, Amazon–stands between you and this decade-in-the-making little tome*, one of the best survival guides you might ever lay hands on in this life. Sure, there’s that riveting one about surviving a shark attack, home invasion, zombie apocalypse, blah blah blah, among noble others.

But who’s dropped one about surviving family, society, friendships, and all the other little annoying chores that come with navigating daily Life–by applying the very best of words from the best.sitcom.ever?

We have. Right here. And it’s guaranteed to not bunch up anyone’s underwear while considering the future of one’s legacy in the reading of it.

FYI: Should you wish to get right down to the past Seinfeld-isms posted here, this will get you there. Enjoy! And should you, truly, then don’t forget to get your hands on the material you’re missing–found only in the book. They include, among others…

“This has got international incident written all over it.”

“My rods and cones are all screwed up, Jerry!”

“Bravo, Vincent, bra-vo.”

*Note: Henningan’s no-smell, no-tell Scotch, however, is not on Amazon, nor will it come with the book as a derivative deluxe-edition gift pack sold separately. Although, we did consider it for a moment.

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