“[It’s] real, and [it’s] spectacular.”

(update to the final blog post from last week, on Seinfeld-ism the book publishing this coming week!)Seinfeld-ism the cover_07_12_2020 (with border)

Yes, it’s felt like Kramer waiting out his walk-out (i.e., strike) at H&H Bagels to return to work.* The uncomfortably numb feeling of “Is this ever going to happen?” finally dissipates in the sheer excitement of…it’s happening. You’ve laid hands on that long-sought-after mother lode, and it’s spec-tac-ular. 

Today, the pre-order for the book Seinfeld-ism went live on Amazon here. The book will “go live” a week from today, on Sunday, July 19.

That pre-order link, please note, is for the ebook. Stay tuned this coming week for the Amazon link to pre-order the paperback. It should drop on Wednesday or Thursday.

You’ll read it first here!

*Interestingly, that analogy whiffed closer to home than I realized as I wrote this: Kramer’s strike lasted 12 years. It’s been 12 years since I shopped out to major book publishers the original book proposal, which was met with crickets chirping. (If you could’ve seen that incipient draft–compared to what it is now–you would’ve rejected it too.) But now…without getting into the birds singing, flowers blooming, all that crap…I can with certainty say, it was worth the wait.

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