“Cheese, George. Cheeeese!”

A zesty challenge for enticing someone to fall for something they love--because you can (and you know they will). George's love of cheese compelled Jerry to tell George how disturbing the George-cheese relationship was. So when Jerry disturbed George to get him out of a board meeting and George said he couldn't--sighing like a man under… Continue reading “Cheese, George. Cheeeese!”

“You are the doofus.”

This post has been moved permanently to the book--a "Seinfeld survival guide for life"--now out on Amazon in paperback and ebook, with all new, previously unpublished material! Don't miss it. You want to keep dominating the dojo, don't you? Giddy up!


A window-shaking shout-out for those times when you know you can't arrange for someone who screwed you over to die a fiery death in a starship explosion...but it sure is cathartic to think about for a moment. At the graveside of George's fiancee, Susan Ross, Jerry stood nearby with Mr. and Mrs. Ross (while George "mourned"). "She's not really dead," Jerry told Susan's… Continue reading “Khaaaaan!”

“Well then I was WAAAY off!”

A boisterous comeback to use on those who come to you for advice then it backfires on them--and now they are looking at you, with flames in their eyes. Kramer did this to Elaine after she questioned her abilities as the newly crowned head of her clothing-catalog company. Kramer exhorted her and she ate it up,… Continue reading “Well then I was WAAAY off!”