“He’s bebopping and scatting…!”

This post has been moved permanently to the book–a “Seinfeld survival guide for life”–now out on Amazon in paperback and ebook, with all new, previously unpublished material! Don’t miss it. You want to keep dominating the dojo, don’t you? Giddy up!

2 thoughts on ““He’s bebopping and scatting…!””

  1. Thank you so much, Briana! What about the blog do you like best—and, if I may, what was it about Seinfeld-ism (searched on a quote or stumbled onto it looking for something else or…?) that brought you to my blog-book?

    Thank you as well for your feedback here. You’re helping me gauge how to make it even better, besides starting to write more on it again—as I’m about to…very soon!


    Dave Bounds
    Professional writer/editor | Published author | Yada yada yada

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