“I don’t even really work here!”

(a Seinfeld-in-culture note in advance of more Seinfeld-isms to come, very soon...) Returning here after more than two years--after I went bye-bye in 2013, after saying Helloooo!--I was tempted toward a good George-ism to capture the moment. Maybe the simple, ebullient "I'm back, baby!" Or the subversive, Eeyore-ish voicemail he once left Jerry, "Hey, it's George... Pfft. I've… Continue reading “I don’t even really work here!”

“I’m an old man. I’m confused!”

A proud confession--for young and old alike--for those times when you do something wrong and, at that moment, "I screwed up!" doesn't sound as compelling as "I've fallen and I can't get up!" Jerry's Uncle Leo swiped a few books at a bookstore and Jerry happened to see him do it. When Jerry alerted the store… Continue reading “I’m an old man. I’m confused!”