“You’re pushing your luck little man.”

(a note to readers before you read on to the latest Seinfeld-isms below)

It’s been 16 years since the “Soup Nazi” joined the ranks of the Seinfeld immortals–and permanently entered our pop cultural lexicon–with lines like this one to George. The mulligatawny master’s most famous line…do we even need to say it?…still resonates. So too, obviously, does the show that introduced it.

Fancast.com (now called Xfinity) wrote about that–“Why Seinfeld Still Resonates“–a year ago this month.

The impetus for looking at that resonance? The real Soup Nazi, Al Yeganeh, whose famed NYC soup stand Seinfeld immortalized, had just reopened for business in July 2010 after a six-year absence. The lines, the article noted, stretched around the block.

Kind of like the lines from the show that keep appearing in our lives…

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