“Well, we can’t all be reading the classics, Professor Highbrow.”

(A note to readers before you read on to more Seinfeld-isms below…)

Kramer was reading Jerry’s VCR manual while lying like a bump on the log of Jerry’s couch in this episode (see “The Strike” in Season 9). Jerry questioned why he was doing this. This was Kramer’s reply.

His words need no explanation. Fit them in where you can, fun as they are. Abbreviate it, even, to your liking. What are you doing? you hear–you hear it all the time. “Well,” you reply, perhaps raising an eyebrow. “I’m not reading the classics.” Then watch their brow go up (or down…depending on whether they’re highbrow or lowbrow).

It’s been over two weeks since my last entry, but that’s not for lack of Seinfeld-isms. It’s for lack of time to write, what with Life crowding and clamoring and impeding. It’s an exciting yet exhausting life, many hours of which are spent at a laptop writing other things. One of my children often walks up to me, “What are you doing, Dad?” Well

(And, no, my kids aren’t highbrows. They’re kind of middlebrow. Because if your kids are quoting Seinfeld lines to you…that ain’t lowbrow.)

Not one but two more Seinfeld-isms to come this week. George is about to speak again, and so perhaps is Jerry. And then there’s that guy named Puddy who’s got something new to share too…

Until then, enjoy a glance at the top ten (most-clicked-on) posts so far, since I began this blog last year, in order:

10. “Kudos, Elaine on a job…done.

9. “You’re Schmoopie!

8. “You ask me to get a pair of underwear, I’m back in two seconds.

7. “That’s kooky talk.

6. “You’re quite breathtaking.

5. “And the heat–my God, the heat!

4. “But I don’t want to be a pirate!

3. “We mustn’t disturb the delicate genius!

2. “Jerry, it’s Frank Costanza…George is dead. Call me back.”

And the new number one? Sorry, Elaine (whose “heat!” was the original chart-topper). Jerry, you go boy: “Boutros-Boutros ‘Golly.’

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