“Good for the tuna.”

(A note to readers, before you read on…)

Smirking, George dropped the above line on Jerry when Jerry pointed out that salmon swim against the current, while tuna swim with it–George’s smirk coming from wanting to get on with the conversation at hand, not detour into trivial things.

You might think that of what’s below, mumbling George’s equivalent of Good for you as you go about your blogging way. Well, let me say before you go: think again, mojumbo!

With the posting of the Frank Costanza voicemail classic on Monday (piece of trivia: that was a favorite line of the comedian himself, Jerry Seinfeld, the Seinfeld DVDs tell us), this blog-driven guide to the Seinfeld-ism life marked its 50th entry. Yes, we’re counting–because we’re actually going somewhere with all of this. More on that in the new year.

For those of you who recently jumped into this stream of advice from Seinfeld‘s Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George (and more)–and you’ve little time to go archive trolling here–here’s a sampling of what you’re missing so far…

Observations to use on smug conversationalists–whether they’re “smugging” you with just a word or an entire monologue.

Questions for the friends who don’t know you as well as they should–and for the friends you do know that well.

Challenges that raise an eyebrow (even if you’re just looking for a reaction).

Shout-outs for all manner of things beyond your control: the odd friend whom you presume is not of this world, the incontinent passer-by, the presumptuous person you’d like to pass by without saying something (but you can’t resist), etc.

Comebacks for when you’re feeling a little jadedWho has the energy to discuss this?–as well as for when you’re pretty jazzed up to discuss it all.

Confessions that those who know you have never heard come out of your mouth (and now they’ll never forget).

And put-downs the likes of which you’d never have come up with on your own…because that’s just Seinfeld.

And, thank God, Seinfeld was about our lives.

Parting piece of trivia: the most searched entry here to date (i.e., the one with more views than any other so far)? Elaine, you go girl.

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