“Hire this man!”

(a note to readers before you read on to more Seinfeld-isms, below) "...we have watched you take our beloved Yankees and reduce them to a laughingstock, all for the glorification of your massive ego!" Those were George's final words in his doing-the-opposite-of-his-instincts harangue of his new boss, George Steinbrenner, in the episode "The Opposite" (which we drew… Continue reading “Hire this man!”

“Jerry, it’s Frank Costanza…George is dead. Call me back.”

A provocative challenge to leave on someone's voicemail when you want to get their attention--even if what you have to say is not that important. When George discovered that accidentally locking his keys in his car in a primo parking place at work made him look like the primo employee--first in, last out--he took off… Continue reading “Jerry, it’s Frank Costanza…George is dead. Call me back.”