“You know the message you’re sending out to the world with these sweat pants? You’re telling the world ‘I give up.'”
July 9, 2010

A plain observation to make to those for whom the show What Not to Wear was invented. They go on with their carelessly-clothed lifestyle then wonder why people are staring at them as if contemplating pulling out a twenty and giving it to the homeless-looking sap in the pajama-looking pants.

George showed up at Jerry’s apartment wearing sweat pants, and Jerry let him have it. This was one of Jerry’s favorite angles of friendly attack: the Costanza sense of style. In the Seinfeld saga, George was derided for a too-puffy coat, a too-small tux, and a winter parka with a snow-skiing lift ticket still attached to it, among other fashion faux pas. Jerry was not surprised.

And neither should you be if you encounter a George wearing his misery on his cheap velvet sleeve. Simply lower your voice to a taken-aback tone and register an indifferent look. Substitute the targeted clothing article for “sweat pants” in this line and let it fly. The only surprise here for you is not that this person did this—the surprise is what he or she is wearing.

“The Pilot (Part 1)”
Episode 23, Season 4
Seinfeld Volume 3, Disc 4
Timecode for the scene: 4:35

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