Ready. Set. Giddy Up! REBOOTing in 2022. Who Wants In? Anyone? (Not so fast, Newman…)

Aside from “Ready for the New Year?” the most pressing question here is “Got a Seinfeld-ism you want to share with the world?”

Calling all interested fans to read on.

This New York Times-cited blog, now in its 12th year, is going in two new directions in 2022.

First, watch for more “Seinfeld-in-culture” notes–observations made here and there about Seinfeld lines and references popping up in our culture (e.g., “Oh, it’s got cache, baby! It’s got cache up the yin yang!“). Still. Everywhere.

You doubt? Listen, when you’ve got Ralph Macchio’s Daniel in Cobra Kai asking his old nemesis from Ka-rappy Karate Kid 2, “Okay, so you’re the master of your domain…” (laughs at his antagonist’s still-blank face) “…ever seen Seinfeld?”…you know the Show About Something from Nothing has entered a whole new aspect of the PCU (Pop Culture Universe).

The sitcom has become theshitcom. Aside from The Simpsons, of course.

Second, get your personal Seinfeld-ism story ready if you’d like to submit it for possible publishing–here on the blog or in the book reboot, later in 2022 (or both!).

All you need to do to make it fit for submission is to look at the Seinfeld-isms posted here on this site.

Look closely at any one of them–like this one from Newman–and you’ll see a 1-2-3 pattern: (1) “define” the Seinfeld line at the center of your personal story; (2) describe where in the show the line first appeared; and (3) explain how that line can fit into anyone’s life (as it has fit into yours).

Hundreds of people from countries all around the world search-engine their way here every day. It’s happened so much over the last 12 years that Google’s Masters of Their Algorithm Domains saw fit to deem “Seinfeld-ism” worthy of a full-up display.

(Try it. Google “Seinfeld-ism” and see what comes up. Sweet fancy Moses, kinda cool.)

That could include you. All props to you and your story for being part of the perennial Seinfeld-ism phenomenon.

And that really would be even cooler.

Questions? Comments? Seinfeld-ism submissions? Email me at!

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