Positive Shrinkage: The First of Five Reasons Why This Is the Perfect Gift for Festivus

“I got a lot of problems with you people…!” Frank Costanza bellowed in the Seinfeld episode (“The Strike”) that famously introduced Festivus to the world. Now that Thanksgiving is effectively behind us…bring it on, this holiday season.

And no need to wonder as you wander into it…what to get someone who has everything…or that loved one who wants everything…or even the one who wants nothing, but you’re getting them something, dangit.

You get them a gift book, of course. Even if they already have a coffee table book about coffee tables, you get them Seinfeld-ism (on Amazon in both hard copy and e-book, of course).

The fact that this little book is a great table-topper only begins to explain why this is the perfect gift this yuletide time of year. Five reasons stand out like an urban sombrero.

Let’s begin with the reasons then, a list we’ll count down one at a time each week until Christmas/Festivus….

#5. This is positive shrinkage.

Seinfeld-ism the book is literally small, approximately 5 by 8 inches, so you can stuff it into a stocking no problem. It’s not long in terms of page count either, little more than 100 pages, so even that friend or loved one who eschews books can enjoy reading a book–from beginning to end, in that order. And although the chapters are short…they’re long on wisdom (more on that when we get to #1!).

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