“When you read Moby Dick the second time, Ahab and the whale become good friends.”

Seinfeld-ism the ebook is now out on Amazon for purchase! The paperback will drop soon too, so you’ll hear it here first–very soon.Seinfeld-ism the cover_07_12_2020 (with border)

May it inspire many to, like George proclaimed in his infamous, eponymously dubbed summer, “read a book. From beginning to end. In that order!”

Speaking of Mr. Art Vandelay’s “Summer of [Me],” that there is the title of one of the five sections of Seinfeld-isms–including all new material, never before published–in this brief book. (“The Do-It-Yourself Survival Guide to Self-Help,” the Summer-of-Me subtitle reads.) Five categories, including family, society, and relationships, to help keep you going through life.

And if you read it a second time, you may find new things leaping out at you–not of the material sort Jerry was busting on George about, of course, in the line at the top here. (Ah, George and his books–at one point in the series anyway, early on, to which Jerry went on, “What is this obsession people have with books? They put them in their houses–they’re like trophies. What do you need it for after you read it?”) The immaterial sort of new things, we’re talking about here. Matters of the mind and heart and soul.

(Semi-spoiler alert: new material, found only in the book, being referenced here) Some newfound strength to talk to that strident in-law, for example (“Dealing with you is like…is like a steel-cage death match!” you surmise with a big smile on your face). Or the diplomacy to tippy-toe through a relational minefield, reporting from afar (“This has got international incident written all over it”).

Snag that survival guide today, especially while Amazon for one will be doing some promotional things–you might get a deal!–with the book in the early days of its release. Amazon’s “Look Inside” (sneak peek) of the book, for example, excerpts the first page of my five-page-long introduction, which includes the story of how this book-turned-blog-turned-book came to be.

Twelve years total in the making, it was. And I promise you it’ll be far more interesting to read than the VCR owner’s manual that Kramer, lying on Jerry’s couch, was once found reading like it was a highbrow classic.

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